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Diet To Go - Oregon Weight Loss Program

Beginning the Diet To Go Oregon Plan

Diet to Go has been in the diet business for more than fifteen years. Diet to Go Oregon sends meals directly to the client's houses in a cooler that is provided by them. This disposes calorie counting, carb counting and even grocery shopping and the company claims they do this without a substantial price tag.

If you stick to Diet to Go's meal program and the food provided, it should work superbly for you. Many people will be able to lose around 2-3 pounds a week only by sticking to the menu.

Diet to Go thinks that the real way to succeeding in weight loss is to keeping clear of deprivation because, as we all know, if your stomach feels like you are losing out on something in your nutrition system you will cheat on your diet and end up failing! Diet to Go also prides themselves on their high quality tasting meals so that you don't find yourself hungry and wanting more food. Get Oregon Diet To Go Plans!

Diet to Go has two recommended meal plans which are 1200 and 1600 calories and you can decide on either one depending upon your dietary needs. The Oregon Diet to Go system runs on four week cycles so you won't be eating similar meals over and over again. This means variety which again will lessen the likelihood of any cheating and failing! Diet to Go also claims that they have made sure that their meals taste just as good as or even better than anything you are currently eating so you won't feel deprived.

The freshly prepared meals are shipped right to your door or you can pick them up in person if you reside in the D.C, San Fran or Baltimore area. Each meal is low cholesterol, low sodium, and low fat. Clients can opt for a low carb option or vegetarian option. Meals are shipped twice a week and they are shipped in dry ice so you can use them right away after warming them up.

Are You Right For The Diet To Go System?

Oregon Diet to Go is really helpful for working moms and professionals who don't have time to prepare meals. Diet to Go counselors will set up a meal plan individually calculated for each client to help them achieve a weight loss of 2-3 pounds a week.

Diet to Go is a complete no brainer dieting program. Certainly good for anyone who hates counting calories and shopping at the grocery store for healthy meals. It's also really great for anyone who hates gauging portions and who tends to undermine their diet with junk food. Initially the prices appear to be slightly higher than other meal plans but when you think about the time you will recover by not having to cook your meals or make a trip to the grocery store and the fact that the meal program is built specifically for your needs then it undoubtedly starts to become worth the bigger cost, especially if it will lead you to diet success!

Benefits of Diet To Go

If you have the will power to stay with their meal program and the food provided, it will work amazingly for you. They're food is both high quality and tasty, and they provide a large range of selections so that it's simple to maintain it without finding yourself bored. They're food is also fresh and less processed than other meal plan companies. If you match the profile type, and rather do without calorie counting and desire a meal plan tailored specifically for you then this is the diet system for you! Chances are you will be extremely successful with it. Another plus is the support Diet to Go Oregon provides. They offer customers an Internet tracker to keep tabs on your weight loss improvement and there is an expert and certified exercise available by email for consultations. There's also an online community where you can communicate with other Diet to Go customers concerning the ups and downs of your weight loss as well as get extra support and encouragement. The largest upside is that the meal plans are built to fit your specific needs all while being easy and convenient by being shipped directly to your door.

Diet-To-Go Offers:

  • support services
  • sample menus
  • free analysis
  • a community forum
  • dietitian on call
  • Different types of plans that you're not stuck with for any specific long-term contract.

Possible Disadvantages of Diet To Go

If you're going to keep junk foods in the house and you don't have outstanding will power then beware! Most likely you'll find yourself cheating and not seeing the desired results that you're paying to get! You have to maintain the program and eliminate any possibility of temptation from your fridge and pantry. So, if you're unable to do this then think about looking into a different weight loss plan option. If you're truly not prepared to make a commitment to taking weight off then you probably want to think about signing up for any meal program plan. Until you get your head in the game chances are you will fail on most plans. So far it looks like that the biggest downside to this plan is that the cost can tend to be more than other plans.

How To Get Started With Diet To Go

Oregon Diet to Go has numerous offers and promotions available. Get in touch with them directly to discover they're current offers and also to learn which meal plan will best fit your needs. Diet to Go has a price page with different pricing options based on either a five or seven day plan. They're 7 day plan for 1200 calories costs $112.99. They offer numerous other packages in a comparable price point. The key is finding the one which best matches your needs. Get in touch with them to start today. Order the Best Oregon Diet-To-Go Meal Plan Offers!